Was Jesus Christ really crucified?

Before reading this blog post, I urge the reader to note that I am not making an attack on Christianity; I am laying out some ideas that should hopefully provoke the mind to think about what is really being said and understand that although you believe or disbelieve something, the facts of what I write are substantial.

This blog post is about showing some holes with in the Holy Bible to postulate that Jesus Christ, son of Joseph and Mary, was not actually crucified and not resurrected.

For those of you who know me personally, I am an avid theology, mythology fan and enjoy picking apart bits of holy scripture to show a deeper understanding and meaning. That’s just in case you’re wondering why I’m posting this.

The topic is “was Jesus Christ really crucified?” Christians are the only religious group who believe in Jesus being the light and saviour of the world and believe that he died for our sins. Note that in Exodus 34.6-7 it states that the sins of the father are inherited by his sons and their sons – it is presumed that human beings are born with sin because of Adam.

Also note that in Corinthians 15:14 Paul says that if Christ has not risen from the dead then “our preaching is in vein and our faith is in vein.” That is to say that if what you believe is false, than there is no hope for humanity.

I’m going to use a small bit of logic with this post as well, I hope nobody minds but to really analyse what is being said, we have to ask questions like how and why.

So, some definitions:

Crucify: Put (someone) to death by nailing or binding them to a cross, especially as an ancient punishment.
This means that for a person to be crufified, he should die on the cross, if he does not, then he has not been crucified.

Resurrection: (the Resurrection)(in Christian belief) the rising of Christ from the dead.
Therefore, for Christ to have been resurrected, he must have died. If he did not die, then he could not have been resurrected.

The first and most important point that I must make is that nowhere in any of the gospels does it actually say Jesus was resurrected from the dead.

This might be because none of the disciples actually witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. According to Mark 14:50, all of Jesus’ disciples abandoned Jesus and were in the upper tower. Not mentioning that this is the most crucial part in the entire bible, but it sounds quite dreadful that his main followers left him to die alone. When Jesus came to them after the supposed crucifixion, they thought him to be a spirit – not because he looked like a spirit, but because they had heard from another person that he had been put to death.

What does a spirit look like, though? Ask most Christians and they will say that Jesus did not look like a spirit, he was a physical person, which is right. Jesus himself wanted to show that he was not a spirit, and in Luke 24:39-40 he says to his disciples “behold my hands and feet, that it is I, myself; handle me, see me, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, and ye see me have.” This is Jesus trying to show that he is not a spirit and therefore a person. Further on Jesus asks for some honey comb and broil fish and eats it in front of them.

Here comes the logical question, why would Jesus want food, of all things? The answer lies a little lower down, keep reading.

Mary Magdalene, who Jesus saved from being stoned, seemed to be a close friend of Jesus. On the first day of the week after Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary Magdalene was on her way to the tomb of Jesus and she saw that the stone had been moved.

2 questions come to mind here:

  1. Why was Mary going to visit a dead body in an enclosed tomb?
  2. Why was the stone moved?

The answer to the first question only raises more questions: According to John 20:1 and Mark 16:2, Mary was visiting the tomb to massage Jesus with ointments. It’s stated that she was on her way to anoint Jesus, anoint means to massage and in Hebrew it means Masaha (to massage, rub, anoint), in Arabic it means Misah (which means Massiah in Hebrew) which also means anointed one, and in Greek means Christos, which goes back to the English meaning of Christ.

So, in this case, the idea that he is the Messiah may just be a mistranslation and it really just means that he was going to get a massage.

The answer to the second question is, really, unknown. One has to ask why a spiritual resurrection need an object to be moved for him to leave, for a spirit hath no flesh and bones. But the answer will come below, provided you keep reading and haven’t changed the internet channel.

When she enters the tomb, she finds that the winding sheets have been unwound and placed on the side. It should also be noted that the tomb itself was very large, about 75 square feet and on private property. In the days of Jesus, a tomb that large would have been befitting for 5 people or more. The next two questions that come to mind are:

  1. Why were the sheets unbound (and where was the body)?
  2. Why have such a large tomb for a single dead body?

You know what I’m about to say? The answers are down below, but you have to keep reading to get there. No, don’t skip to the bottom, read on.

In John 20:15, Jesus sees Mary and says to asks her why she is crying and who is she looking for. Mary, at the time, thought that it was a Gardner that she was speaking to and says to Jesus “if you have moved the body, can you please tell me where he is and I will take him.” Jesus then says to her “Mary” and she recognises his voice. She rushes toward Jesus but he quickly says “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended unto my father …”

  1. Why was Jesus dressed as a gardner?
  2. Why did Mary want to take the body away?
  3. Why wouldn’t Jesus not want Mary to touch him?
  4. What did he mean by “not ascended”?

Once the discples knew Jesus to be around, they asked him for proof as they did not believe it to be him or for it to be true (Mark 16:11). In Matthew 12:38, they say to Jesus “Give us a sign”. In the context of Jesus, a sign wasn’t necessarily a sign like a billboard; they wanted a miracle to prove that he was Jesus. Jesus replies to them that he will give them no such sign, except the sign of Jonah.

“Jonah and the whale” is one of the most famous stories taught in Sunday school. Little to believers actually know that the story of Jonah is a mere 1.5 pages in the entire bible. It’s one of the more happy stories where a man is swallowed by a whale and spat out and is alive in the end.

And this brings us to a conclusion. The answer to every single question is the answer to the topic in question. Jesus Christ was not crucified and not resurrected. He was alive after the attempted crucifixion, which answers all the above questions.

Mary Magdalene was one of the few to witness the burial, and must have seen that Jesus was alive. There would be no reason for a woman to want to massage a dead, rotting corpse after 3 days. She knew he was alive and wanted to tend to Jesus and his wounds. In no religion (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) do dead bodies get massaged on the 3rd day. The stone was moved because Jesus was a physical, alive body. He could not have gotten out unless the stone was moved.

The sheets were also unbound and placed nicely because Jesus was alive; he then used some clothes to look like a gardener to disguise himself. He was disguised as a gardener to hide from the Jews; because if they had seen he was alive they would have obviously crucified him again. It is assumed he was disguised as a gardener because if he wasn’t, Mary would have seen that it him straight away. He also asks Mary not to touch him because he was in immense pain at the time; after all, he was just nailed to a cross. He also bluntly says that he had not ascended to God, quite plainly saying that he hadn’t been resurrected yet.

Other questions you might have thought of is why eat food. Jesus was obviously weak and hungry, food would have been good to have at this time. And finally, the sign of Jonah. Jonah was alive after being in the whale, and this was Jesus’ sign to show that he had not yet been killed, he was alive and wanted to prove it by eating as well as talking another person who was alive after being in a dark place for 3 days.

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  • carlos ruiz:

    So after being crucified and let out of his tomb he was disguised as a Gardner so he wouldn’t. B died again. Who do you know would b walking around after being. Cried unless it was the son of God. I bet you couknt take two steps. Let me remind you they didn’t have morphine in those days. Faith is believing without seeing. Pray hard and you will feel his presencewithin you to the point to have No DOUBT.
    God bless you.

  • Will:

    Well, even though your earlier poster was a bit grammatically challenged, they were right.

    I thought the same thing as I read the article.

    I myself am a Christian, but I’ve only been one for a year, so I’m still new to everything.

    I don’t think there is a problem with challenging or analyzing Scripture, and I also often wonder about the validity of certain things in the Bible.

    You posted some good points about weak links in Jesus’ Crucifixion.

    However, your argument also had a obvious weak link.

    The idea of person having a nail (large enough to support a human body) driven through their ankles and then at each of their wrists, a point where much blood flows through the body, and then bleeding out for several hours, if that person were extremely lucky, they wouldn’t be dead of blood-loss after said time had elapsed.

    If Jesus had been nailed to the cross, and sat upon it for hours, bleeding out, and then was taken to the tomb to recuperate, he wouldn’t be able to walk around after three days.

    This is before most great medical technologies, such as blood transfusions.

    I could guess how many pints of blood he would have lost, but the idea of him still being alive as he was taken down would have itself been a miracle, no joke.

    If people really do believe that he was taken back to the tomb to recuperate and was up and around three days after having half the blood in his body drained – then they need to either go back to school and take Biology classes again, or else rethink their own theories.

    That being said, respectfully, if the theories that people offer up can’t even be at least logically sound, then they have no right to challenge Scripture.

    Someone needs to critique their own theology on how Jesus was able to walk and talk after having their arteries impaled and drained for hours.

    • You’re right, Will. My biggest critique would be that the man never existed in the first place, so logically he did not walk around after the crucifixion.

      • Will:

        That’s an even more oblivious critique than questioning his divinity.

        The Romans kept a strict consensus on the births and deaths of people during their reign and his name is recorded in their records, for the area his parents were in at the time.

        If you’re going to be a skeptic, at least know what you’re talking about.

  • Muhammad Mustapha:

    Indeed Christ was not crucified. The Qur’an has stated clearly and the Bible is contradicting itself. Now which of the two is telling truth?

  • there was one disciple who witness the crucifixion my dear…..read John19:27….then He said to one of His disciples…………………………………………………..

  • Sa'eed jangwarzo:

    I blieve and strongly aggreed with that wich you have said.

  • Sa'eed jangwarzo:

    I blieve and strongly aggreed with that wich you have said.at that time(time of the crucifiction)all his disciple fled away to the upper room nobody saw when he was crucified(mark14:v50).If really was crucified then he became a curse for all chritians(galantians 3:v13).Allah reward you.Thank you.

  • prominence idriss lewis:

    i think that christ was not crusified as the christians believe,because no man is capable of taking another man sin no matter who

  • No Jesus son of Mary was crucified Muhammad received a Quran from God himself through one of the highest angel Gabriel, Quran is a revelation of any confusion’s today so God say the killed him not so we believe that,bible talked about people witnessing jesus being crucified but God say his word ,and his all knowing,all seeing and all hearing ,God against human witness is a weak evidence to me we can’t go against God

  • Christianity was founded on satanism



  • aleng:

    this is a very childish and at the same time a question even a 6 year old could answer and prove you wrong. Neway I’m a little busy at the moment so I’ll get back with the answer in a little while I promise

  • Zoe:

    What’s also interesting is that, if the whole purpose of Jesus’ coming was to be crucified, why were none of his disciples aware of this? Why are they quoted as being shocked about the whole event? and why were they thinking he’s dead and not to be seen again, if his whole mission was to die and be resurrected? Also, if Jesus came to die for our sins, and this is the only way to salvation of mankind, what will happen to all the millions of people who lived before Jesus walked the earth? Surely, God would send him at the beginning of time if this was so. And what were all the many Prophets prior to Jesus teaching, if Jesus’ death is the only way to resurrection? And why we don’t find mention of the trinity or foretelling of this means to salvation in the teachings of the former prophets? This is all food for thought. I am a former Christian who converted to Islam and I recommend all to read the Qur’an. You will find all answers, with clear logical sense.

  • Zoe:

    Well, I wanted to add, that Muslims believe in Jesus, we believe in his miracles, we believe he came to bring people to God. One cannot be a Muslim unless they believe in, love and honor Jesus. However, he was a Prophet not a man-god. He came to teach people to worship God, not him. And he was not brutally murdered on the cross, though the people did want to kill him and tried. God, Great and Powerful, does not need to come to earth as a man and have himself killed and tortured to forgive His creation. He is able and willing to forgive simply by one with belief in his heart turning sincerely with regret and asking forgiveness. As for the sins of Adam, it is not in the Justice of God to hold all of Adams descendents to account for what they did not do. Rather, Adam turned to God for forgiveness, and God Generous and Merciful, forgave him. Each soul will not bear the burden of anothers. We are born pure, children are pure and sinless. Then when they reach an age when they can discern right and wrong (puberty), if they sin, they are accountable for their sin.

    • Hotbite:

      Children are born pure and sinless? Really? So then who taught you how to lie? Nobody. Nobody has to teach us how to lie. We lie because we are sinful by birth.

  • winnie:

    in all humility, ask for God’s grace and wisdom or hope there’s no God nor spirit

  • Hotbite:

    Okay, when early on you state “none of the disciples actually witnessed the crucifixion”, I have to stop right there. Try reading the gospel of John.

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